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When you notice slow draining beyond the P-Traps, and particularly between the home and the septic tank or public sewer pipes, one of the best things you can do is have a reputable plumber run a sewer scope to see what might be the source of the clog. Sewer cameras are one of the most important tools when locating sewer drain problems, especially sewer clogs and leaks. Using a sewer scope, our trained technicians can see in real time the condition of the pipes and identify where the problem is. This will save significant time and cost searching for the problem. Whether the problem is roots, cracked pipes, or stuck debris, a sewer camera inspection may be your best method to solving the issue efficiently.

When buying a home, realtors and home inspectors often recommend that the buyer requests a sewer camera inspection performed as a part of the due diligence inspection. This will help identify any unseen issues that can become a very expensive and inconvenient problem after the purchase. This is a relatively low-cost service with the benefit of having a potentially serious and expensive issue taken care of by the seller prior to closing. In this case, what you don’t know may hurt you later!

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