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A drop in water pressure can be a frustrating problem, whether it’s slow filling a cup of water to not having enough pressure to wash and rinse your hair in the shower. Whether you experienced a gradual drop in water pressure or a sudden drop in water pressure, you should call a plumber to diagnose this problem. The first thing we would do is measure the pressure close to the water service entering your home. If that test indicates a water service problem, we would check with your water company to ensure they are delivering the amount of water they should. In some cases, we may recommend installing a pressure booster.

Next, if your house has Pressure Reducing Valve, we would determine if that valve needs adjusting or replacement. Also, if you’re on a well, we would inspect your pressure tank and pressure switch. Pressure switches can get clogged from sediment over time. We may also check for clogs in the pipes.

Our skilled and experienced technicians can diagnose and repair most problems related to a drop in water pressure. Call today to have your water pressure problem evaluated and fixed!

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Needing to call the plumber can be stressful.
Sometimes the problem is as simple as tightening a loose fitting.
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